Fortify Certificates WebComponent

The web-component provides an easier way to connect a web-page to the Fortify App, show certificates from available OS crypto providers, and choose a certificate for signing.



Quick example embed web component in to you application:


Then in js you can access to component lifecycle events and filter properties:

const fortifyCertificates = document.getElementById('fortify-certificates-wc');

fortifyCertificates.filters = {
  expired: false,
  onlySmartcards: false,
  onlyWithPrivateKey: false,
  keyUsage: ['digitalSignature'],
  subjectDNMatch: 'kubernetes-master',
  issuerDNMatch: 'kubernetes',
  providerNameMatch: 'MacOS Crypto',
  providerATRMatch: '0123456789',
  certificateIdMatch: '0123456789',

fortifyCertificates.addEventListener('selectionCancel', () => {
  console.log('cancel flow');

fortifyCertificates.addEventListener('selectionSuccess', (result) => {


Property Attribute Description Type Default
downloadAppLink download-app-link A link to download the application when a connection to Fortify is not found. string ''
filters -- Component data filters. KeyUsageType you can find on certificate specification . { expired?: boolean; onlySmartcards?: boolean; onlyWithPrivateKey?: boolean; keyUsage?: KeyUsageType[] | KeyUsageType[][]; subjectDNMatch?: string | RegExp; issuerDNMatch?: string | RegExp; providerNameMatch?: string | RegExp; providerATRMatch?: string | RegExp; onlyQualified?: boolean; certificateIdMatch?: string | RegExp; qualifiedCertificateStatements?: string[]; ca?: boolean; } {}
helpPageLink help-page-link A link to redirect the user to the help page if there are any questions about the operation of the application. string ''
hideFooter hide-footer If true, the component footer will be hidden. boolean false
language language Component language. "de" | "el" | "en" | "es" | "fr" | "he" | "it" | "ja" | "nl" | "pl" | "pt" | "ru" | "tr" undefined


Event Description Type
selectionCancel Fires when the user has canceled the selection flow. CustomEvent<void>
selectionSuccess Fires when the user has successfully selected a certificate. CustomEvent<ISelectionSuccessEvent>